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About boarding school

Everybody is different at Letovo School, but nobody is indifferent. Students of various age, unique characters and interests live, study and relax together. The elder learners help the younger ones, mathematicians assist humanists and vice versa.

The variety of possibilities, the necessity of a conscientious choice, the healthy competitiveness in academic, sportive and artistic life motivate learners. These factors stimulate getting up in the morning in good spirits and going forward enthusiastically. Teachers give everyone the opportunity to feel their individuality and to learn to use it.

Three modes of studying

Full-time school
Full-time learning is for those students who are comfortable with walking or driving from home. They stay at school from 8 a.m. till 4-6 p.m.
Daily class study-load depends on the student’s age, interests, cognition type and individual study strategy.
Weekly boarding school
Students from Moscow and Moscow Region can stay at Letovo School from Monday to Saturday. Learners use all campus facilities and participate in the whole diversity of school life and studies, however they spend their weekends with their family.
Full boarding school
This type is for students from all over Russia. Learners stay at Letovo School permanently and go home only for the vacations.

Home is the family

Boarding school house is the benchmark, the unified organism including 56 boys and girls of different ages and the team of 8 tutors. It is here where the journey to the rich school life begins. Here the true friendship is born when you spend every day among such talented and enthusiastic individuals as you.
Each house has its own distinctive character and temperament and its own history, where students’ merits and achievements are inscribed.
Despite the differences and unique traditions, all houses respect and cultivate the common Letovo School values: responsibility, yearning for perfection, open-mindedness and personal involvement.
The campus is not far from the river and forest. All houses are located around a comfortable open space — a square with benches and greenery, where one can relax after classes, chat or play. This allows interacting of different-age students and keeping friendly relations with various houses.

Life at the boarding school house is the first experience of independence and managing everyday life for many children. It will be useful at maturation and in future life.