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Development programme
School life doesn’t stop for a second. Students choose extra classes, organise a school club activity, participate in school activities and take up intensive development courses.
Extra classes

Extra classes are an integral part of learning. They are incorporated into the educational programme alongside compulsory subjects and elective courses.

Extra classes are usually held after compulsory classes. All kinds of activities, such as concerts, rehearsals, discussions and lectures, take place at weekends. Full-time students, as well as those living in a boarding school, take part in these activities.

Classes are partly taught by Letovo School teachers; besides, invited lecturers also come to our school. They lead highly tailored subjects and disciplines, for instance, playing the flute or a course in entrepreneurship.

Every learner chooses a set of extra classes at the beginning of the school year. They, however, need to make a minimal set of activities in each of four directions — taking the development programme is compulsory.

Citizen and society

The experience of participating in projects and events within the programme helps learners to become responsible citizens and be actively involved both in social and school life. Students learn to value culture diversity and human rights, realise their rights and responsibilities; they develop socially-significant projects and display their civil liability, taking part in volunteer projects and programmes. They begin to become aware of social, economic, ecological and political issues. They learn how the society is organised from invited researchers and practitioners, government members, civil officers, leaders of volunteer movements and entrepreneurs.


We inspire our students to move to success step-by-step and not to be afraid of mistakes. Training sessions, hikes and special personal development courses are held at Letovo School. During extra classes our students learn to realise their goals and aspirations, make decisions, manage teams, quality and knowledge, arrange strategies and overcome difficulties. They can take on the leadership role and understand the significance of collaboration and constant self-improvement. Our alumni get ready to take on the leadership roles in the future and to find their way in unpredictable situations.

Sports and health

Every student is actively involved in sports. This is a great way to learn to manage their emotions and forces and stay healthy. On campus and at Letovo School there is everything necessary for everybody to find the activities they like: a stadium, tennis courts, sports grounds, jogging tracks, a choreography hall, a gym for training in martial arts, a swimming pool and a gym for exercises with a sports instructor. During the cold time of the year one can go skating or skiing and play ice hockey. We take teams to completions with other schools of Moscow as well as Russian and foreign schools; we organise events with the aim to shape solid values and skills and culture of health.

Creativity and ingenuity

Letovo School has everything necessary for creative development: a theatrical club, a sound recording studio, equipped rehearsal facilities, a choir and an orchestra. One can compose music, create pictures and sculptures or take up ceramics. All learners get a diverse experience of theatrical performances. We organise charity concerts and performances and invite parents and experts from the world of music and theatre. Moreover, we cooperate with Moscow creative organisations and clusters.
One can choose extra courses in design and modeling, robotics and developing mobile apps. Every year we organise festivals and contests of our students’ creative and technical achievements.

School clubs

Student clubs and communities give learners an opportunity to take up their favourite activities, find friends, express themselves and learn to overcome difficulties. At the beginning of the school year we hold a fair where students choose clubs according to their interests: sportive, creative, cultural, social and academic. The choice is immense: a film club or volunteer movement, a philosophical society or school newspaper publishing house, clubs of literature or yoga lovers.
Clubs are created according to the initiative of the students themselves. It is them who put goals and aims, gather participators, elect the president and treasurer among students, plan events and invite speakers. Teachers act only as facilitators — direct their work, help in organising events and fill the meetings with interesting activities. If money is needed to achieve club goals, then the club thinks of the way to fill up the treasury: for example, organising sales of their own baked goods or New Year decorations on campus or launching an online crowdfunding campaign. Some activities are sponsored yearly by Letovo School — to get this funding one needs to file an application to the financial department within the boundaries of a monthly financial report in club activity.

School events

Letovo School constantly holds events which everyone can participate in. Teachers and students get to know each other better at collective dinners; they go on excursions, watch and discuss films together. We hold creative and professional festivals, academic conferences, sports olympiads and other events. Learners can try themselves in diplomacy and become participants of the United Nations Organisation model.
Writers, businessmen, scientists, politicians, witnesses and participants of important historical events visit Letovo School. We are keen on celebrations and hikes, camping and going to archaeological excavations.