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Our vision

Letovo School is a school for gifted and motivated children from all over Russia, which provides the highest level of academic knowledge has its purpose to develop a student’s personality and allows to get access to world class education.
Letovo School opens in September 2018. Education is conducted from the 7th to 11th form in Russian and English
We combine the traditions of Russian education and the experience of world leading schools. Our alumni get ready for entering the most prestigious Russian and world higher education institutions. We help to develop our students’ strong character and quick wit. Our students are self-rigorous and possess high moral principles. They are imparted global thinking culture, they are able to make decisions independently and to become leaders. Each student’s learning programme is individual, but it always covers three areas, which are reflected in the diploma: knowledge, skills and personality development. All these aspects are taken into consideration in the assessment criteria developed by us. The syllabus includes obligatory subjects, elective courses and extracurricular classes and activities: sports and arts, hobby clubs and lectures by invited speakers, research projects, advanced and unique subject courses. Among those working at Letovo School are teachers from all over Russia as well as international teachers. Most of them are specialists with the experience of working in best Russian schools, authors of teaching aids, researchers, developers of problems for school Olympiads and competitions. There is one teacher for every six classes at the
school. This allows making the choice of courses really rich. Besides teachers, there is a team of professionals working with each student: tutors, a house chief, an instructor, a psychologist, an advisor on entering a university and planning a career.

Campus and boarding school

Letovo School is a city within a city. Built on an area of 14 hectares, our campus is situated between metro stations Salaryevo and Buninskaya Alleya. The campus includes a school building, a boarding school, sports grounds, areas for recreation and extracurricular classes, houses for teachers. After classes a student can have a tae kwon do training, organise an online-exhibition with students from a school in England, hold a debate club meeting or take part in a student startup. And at dinner time one can communicate with a famous scientist
The school building is the centre of attraction where school life is thriving. The abundance of state-of-the-art facilities for a teacher and a student is concentrated here. From science labs to design studios, from band rooms and a library to a winter garden — the space is set with a goal to arouse an interest in education and a willing to learn. The boarding school is a comfortable and safe place where children feel themselves at home. There are 10 houses for students on the campus territory. Up to 60 boys or girls of different ages live in each of these houses.

Project initiator

Letovo School is a non-commercial project. Its initiator and sponsor is a Russian businessman, the owner of the group of companies ‘Rusagro’ Vadim Nikolaevich Moshkovich.
My son is in his first year at the university and I see how hard he works, but one day when I asked him ‘How do you like it?’, he answered ‘Dad, I’m in paradise’. This phrase may be considered the expression of the main mission of our school — do our best so that any student could say ‘I’m in paradise’.
V.N. Moshkovich
Scholarship fund
We are true to our mission, that is why we provide equal opportunities
for talented and gifted children regardless of their family income.
For these purposes the project initiator created the Charitable scholarship fund,
which allots education grants for studying
at Letovo School.